Commission Structure

NEX | Commission Structure

NEX Affiliate Commissions

Sign-up today as an affiliate and you’ll be qualified to earn 4% on Referred Merchants Shipping Charges for the first 6 months.
All affiliates earn long-term residual commissions on merchant shipping charges. As you refer more business to NEX your Commission Payout increases. We understand that each Referred Merchant represents a huge opportunity which we want to share with you.

We calculate the amount of fees paid by each referred merchant shipping charges. Merchants sometimes pay NEX special service fees for warehouse remote hands and other non-standard needs; those fees do not count toward Referred Revenue as they are not standard NEX Shipping Charges.
Commission Payouts 
Package Services (Domestic - Next Day, Second Day, Third Day and Ground Services. International - Express and Economy Services)
Total Monthly Affiliate Referred Revenue
Commission Payout Details
2% on Shipping by your referred Merchants.*
3% on Shipping by your referred Merchants.*
4% on Shipping by your referred Merchants.*
6% on Shipping by your referred Merchants.*
Freight Services (Domestic - All US Freight Services. International - Air, Ocean and Ground Transportation Services)
Commission Payout Details
15% of the Net profit made by your referred Merchants shipment.
*Freight services revenue, refunds, credits and unpaid shipping charges by Referred Merchants do not count towards Package Services Total Referred Revenue.