Shipping with NEX

Yes, we do. We have large service network in US via our agents.
Please Contact Us. Or consider using our MyNEX Web application to prepare and print your shipping labels online.
Please use our Get Rates and Transit Time calculators to determine the delivery time based on the service type you've requested.
Customers can report late package delivery within 15 calendar days from the date of shipment call 1-888-477-7736 to report a service failure. Please click to view more information about service guarantees.
Yes you can. All shipments are insured up to $100.00 for FREE. We provide additional insurance service up to $50.000 per shipment, which offer our customers financial protection against all risks of physical loss or damage from any external cause.
NEX cannot deliver to U.S. military P.O. Box addresses such as APO and FPO.

Online Shipping with MyNEX tools


You may bill your shipment to the receiver's account number when you are a registered NEX account holder. Select the Bill recipient option in the “Bill Transportation” section when preparing your shipment. If you are not a registered NEX account holder you may open a NEX account or activate your existing account online.
To find the shipments that you have created online, click on "My Shipments" from the home page under the MyNEX menu.
Create a multi-piece shipment on the Prepare shipment page by selecting the package quantity, which can be found under "Package and Shipment Details” You may choose to enter the total weight for all packages or to enter weight and dimensions for each package individually using the checkbox indicator. Multi-piece shipments are limited to 25 packages or less. Use the Repeat last shipment feature on the Prepare shipment page to prepare additional waybills exceeding the 25 package limit.
You can find your previous shipments by selecting either the My Shipments link under MyNEX menu. You may also have more than one user ID per account so be sure you have logged in with the correct user ID.
Yes, simply go to the homepage before logging into the site and select the Sign up now link on the left side of the page. Next select the second option, "I already have a NEX account and would like to use it online". After entering the account number and zip code fill in the rest of the form and click Sign-up.
When an error is found on the page the following message will be displayed at the top:

The field that contains the error will be identified with a yellow triangle, the field will be highlighted in yellow and the specific error will appear below the field in bold text.
On the MyNEX home page, click My Shipments on the left of the page, select the shipment you want to void and then click void(Delete). Transportation charges will be refunded in full, If you have already paid for the transportation charges for that shipment.


Get Rates and Transit Time link is under Ship Express drop down menu, will help you get shipping rates ant transit times online.
Please use the web site's Order Supplies application. Air Express Supplies are provided free of charge.
There are two ways to schedule a pickup on shipnex.com:
  1. Choose “Schedule a Pickup” from the “Ship Express” drop down menu on the home page. Complete the online form and submit it.
  2. During the online shipment preparation process, you can choose to schedule a pickup in the "Anything else?" Optional Extra Settings section.
No. Pickups must be scheduled at least one hour in advance.
Yes, NEX does COD (Cash on Delivery) for U.S. Domestic shipments ONLY. NEX does not accept COD (Cash on Delivery) for International shipments.

Technical Questions

FireFox 1.0+
MS IE 7.0 +

FireFox 1.0+
Safari 1.0 +


Use our Tracking feature to view shipment status by tracking number or reference number. You can track up to 30 shipments at one time. Or, you may Contact Us.
Tracking numbers, also referred to as waybill numbers, are used to identify and track your shipments.
On the Track by number page, enter your tracking number and click on the Track link. To enter multiple tracking numbers use the 'Enter' or 'Return' key after each tracking number entered; this allows you to track up to 30 different shipments.
Yes, if you don't have your tracking number, but you know your shipment's reference number, you can still utilize online tracking. Just use the Track by Reference option.
The shipper's reference is a unique identifier assigned to the shipment by the sender while filling out the shipment information. This can be any combination of letters and numbers, such as a purchase order number or any other information that allows you to manage your shipments. Use the Track by reference feature to view a group of shipments by their shared reference number.
The more specific and unique your reference number is, the quicker it will be for your results to be displayed.
This is available for US shipments only. You can get a copy of the recipient's signature on your Domestic Express shipment by using our View Signature POD (Proof of Delivery) tracking tool. View Signature POD is offered for most packages shipped to the US, Canada and Puerto Rico.
We display the city, state and postal code. We do not show shipper name and street address on public tracking channels for security reasons.
LD FD indicates that your shipment was Locally Delivered, and left at the Front Door.

Other signed by codes that may appear in the Shipment Status field;
SD – Side Door
BD – Back Door
GAR – Garage
LOF – Left per Letter on File at Station
LPN – Left per Signed note or Attempted Delivery Notice
This means that a shipment has been received by the delivering courier and a delivery attempt will be made soon.
If this was the first attempt to deliver the package another attempt will be made before the end of the following business day. If this was the second attempt please contact customer service.
Please contact customer service to get the shipment's availability time and location.
Yes, the driver will automatically attempt delivery to a residence the next business day before 5:00 PM. After two attempts, the package will be held at the local carrier's office until delivery arrangements are made. In most cases the local carrier's office will return the package to the sender in 7 business days, unless previous arrangements have been made.


Paper and Paperless online billings are available. Trade in your paper invoices and use our electronic invoicing and remittance tools to automate your billing process.
Get information about the standard NEX terms and conditions. Please click here for more details.
You can request adjustments and refunds from "Claim Resolution" link under MyNEX drop down menu on home page. Please select the 'Dispute a charge' or 'Refund or Overpayment' option to request the adjustment or refund. Or, Contact Us for assistance.
Yes. You can receive invoices by email and also available to View/Download online at "Billing and Payments" link under MyNEX drop down menu. You can also make payments online.
NEX requires that invoices be paid within 15 days from the date of the invoice. Outstanding balances not paid within 30 days of the invoice date may be subject to a late fee of either 5% of the balance, or a $5 minimum.
Please remit your payment to the address shown on your NEX invoice.
Additional charges can occur when shipments are not processed properly in your NEX Internet Shipping system. For example, some of the most common errors happen when Dimensional Weight criteria is not calculated accurately. To avoid these and other common errors, simply refer to the tips at Avoid Shipping Charge Correction page.

Online Billing

On the Billing and Payments page, select the invoice you want to pay, and then click the Pay Invoice link.
NEX requires that invoices be paid within 15 days from the date of the invoice. Outstanding balances not paid within 30 days of the invoice date may be subject to a late fee of either 5% of the balance, or a $5 minimum.
On the "Billing and Payment" page, click the invoice number to view details about that invoice.
On the "My Shipments" page, click a on an individual shipment to see the detail for just that shipment.
You can change your email address and password on "My Profile" page Click to change your login information link on top left corner of the page.

Service Claims

You can request refunds from "Claim Resolution" link under MyNEX drop down menu on home page. Please select the "Service Failure" option to request the refund. Or, Contact Us for assistance.
If a shipment is believed to be lost, the first step is to contact NEX customer service at 1-888-SHIP-NEX (1-888-744-7639) to initiate a trace, as a trace must be completed prior to filing a loss claim. In the event the shipment is not located, a claim may then be filed by filling out a claim form.
In the event of a damaged shipment, please note inspections are required on shipments covered by Shipment Value Protection insurance in the amount of $500 or more; therefore should your shipment have Shipment Value Protection at or over this amount please contact NEX at 1-888-SHIP-NEX (1-888-744-7639) to arrange for a damage inspection.

Filing an EEI/SED

The Electronic Export Information (EEI and formerly known as Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED)), is required by law to enable U.S. Government agencies to enforce laws related to the export of goods. It was also traditionally used by the U.S. Census Bureau to compile official U.S. export statistics.

An Electronic Export Information (EEI) Filing (formerly known as SED) is required when:
  1. An individual Schedule B/HTS item value exceeds US$2500 to all foreign destinations (except to Canada); or
  2. An individual Schedule B/HTS item value exceeds US$2500 for shipment being shipped as follows:
    • from the U.S. to Puerto Rico;
    • from Puerto Rico to the U.S.;
    • from the U.S. or Puerto Rico to the U.S. Virgin Islands;
    • trans-shipped through or for storage in Canada, but ultimately destined to a third country;
    • exported under Carnets; or
  3. A shipment (regardless of value) is transported under an export license issued by the applicable U.S. Government agency (e.g., Dept of State, Dept of Commerce, etc.) including Canada destinations and including Carnets; or
  4. A shipment (regardless of value) is subject to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) , including shipments exempt from licensing requirements and including shipments to Canada; or
  5. A shipment (regardless of value) contains rough diamonds (under Schedule B#’s 7102.10, 7102.21 and 7102.31, including shipments to Canada; or
  6. A shipment (regardless of value) is destined to a U.S. Department of Commerce authorized Validated End User (VEU); or
  7. A shipment (regardless of value other than personal correspondence or business records) is destined to restricted countries such as Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria. (NEX Worldwide Priority Express (WPX) is not acceptable for shipping to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria)
You can file your EEI/SED online through the U.S. Government’s Automated Export System (AES Direct). The instructions are available from the U.S. Census Bureau's Web site.
The newly revised regulations require all EEI filings to be made electronically using AES; paper SEDs and External Transaction Number (XTN)s will no longer be accepted. Once the EEI filing is approved by AES, an Internal Transaction Number (ITN) is returned as proof that the filing has been accepted. You will need to note the ITN on your shipments air waybill.
NEX encourages customers to become Self Filers with AES and note the ITN on the shipment air waybill prior to shipment pick up. Information about Self Filing can be found at www.aesdirect.gov.

Self Filing via www.aesdirect.gov is a free service. In order to be authorized to file shipment information through AESDirect, you or another representative of your company must pass the AESDirect or AESPcLink Certification Quiz. Preparation for the AESDirect Quiz should include taking the AESDirect Tutorial and reviewing the information in the User Guide.
Additional information can be found at www.aesdirect.gov or you can contact NEX Customer Service Center to assist you with your shipping needs.
There are four software options provided by the U.S. Census Bureau to file an EEI/SED through AES. All these options can be used by U.S. Principal Parties in Interest ("USPPI"), forwarders, or anyone else responsible for export reporting. All the solutions are offered free of charge.
  • AESDirect
  • AESPCLink
  • AESWebLink
Additional information about any of these solutions can be found at www.aesdirect.gov.
Yes. NEX will be able to assist you. We will file an EEI/SED through AES on your behalf when you provide all the required information. Additional fees will apply for this service. Customers utilizing the EEI Filing Authorization Form must provide the required information a minimum of four hours prior to their scheduled shipment pickup time to avoid possible transit delays.

 EEI Authorization Form with Instructions (PDF)
The ITN is returned electronically to the filer, generally by email. You may also log into your AESDirect account, access your records and view the ITN.
EEI/SED is required when such effects are moving as cargo under a bill of lading, regardless of value; however, it is not necessary to report each item by an individual Schedule B number.
See "What is an EEI/SED, and when must I fill it out?" above.
No. A single EEI is all that is required for the entire shipment being shipped. U.S. Principal Party in Interest (USPPI) participating in AES has the option of providing information at the invoice or shipment level.
The USPPI is the person in the U.S. that receives the primary benefit, monetary or otherwise, of the export transaction. Generally that person is the U.S. seller, manufacturer, order party or foreign entity. The foreign entity must be listed as the USPPI if in the U.S. when the items are purchased or obtained for export.
Yes, unless the merchandise is owned by the individual that is taking it out of the country and is not for consumption in a foreign country. An EEI filing is required for merchandise that is for export and consumption in a foreign country.
Yes, effective June 15, 2005, the U.S. Census Bureau requires the reporting of the Kimberly Process Certificate (KPC) number for exports or re-exports of rough diamonds filed through the AES in accordance with Clean Diamond Trade Act.

Additional information can be found directly from the U.S. Government: