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International Shipping

Companies, particularly those in the retail sector, require topnotch international shipping to ensure that their businesses operate smoothly even on a worldwide level. An international shipment delivered intact and on time may in fact be the key to a foreign subsidiary's success. So when it comes to worldwide shipping, why settle for less than the best? Trust NEX Worldwide Express to take care of all your overseas shipping requirements.

Our international shipping services cover practically all types of international shipment that a business or even an individual may require. From packages to vehicles, from luggage to large cargo, we can get it to the intended destination safely and promptly. Our worldwide shipping rates are some of the best in the market today, and help ensure that our clients can take advantage of some of the best service quality-to-price ratios. Our online tools also help make the shipping experience an easy and enjoyable one.





It’s Online! Individuals or Corporations, in just a few easy steps, can join and prepare shipping labels from any PC or mobile device.


Domestic or international.You will get discounted shipping rates as soon as you join.Over 50,000 members reinforce buying power and enjoy the advantages of low-cost shipping."


With the power of the technology, our shipping system finds the fastest shipping routes based on your location, so your shipments arrive at the destination faster.You will also be able to reach our customer service when you need to!"


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