2nd Day Delivery Service

2nd Day Delivery - 2-Day Domestic Shipping at Lowest Price

2nd Day Air (Economy) Service

NEX Express offers the most reliable and discounted domestic 2-day shipping services nationwide. 2nd Day Shipping service is available from all 50 states and Puerto Rico, with some limitations in Alaska and Hawaii.


For shipments less than 150 lbs

2nd Day Delivery (Economy) Service Details:

2-Day Delivery is a cost-saving choice when packages don't need overnight speed.
Delivery Time By 4:30 p.m. in 2 business days to most areas and by 7 p.m. to residences.
Service Days Monday–Friday, with Saturday pick-up available in many areas.
Delivery Area Available throughout all 50 states.
Package Size and Weight Up to 150 lbs. each; 119" in length; 165" in length.
Additional Information Delivery to some rural areas of Alaska and Hawaii in 3 business days.

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