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Ocean Freight Shipping Overseas -  Full Container (FCL)

While many people may see ocean freight shipping to be an outdated form of cargo transport, they would be surprised to know that ocean freight shipping is in fact one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to move items from one destination to another. However, an expert cargo shipper is still a must to take full advantage of this form of transport.
NEX Worldwide Express has the experience and knowledge that our clients require when shipping overseas, whether by water, air or land. We are proud to offer some of the most reliable ocean shipping services worldwide, at some of the best customer-friendly rates available. Our ocean freight shipping is on a full-container basis, which means maximum savings for our customers. When shipping overseas via ocean transport, NEX provides a complete port-to-port cargo shipping solution that can accept practically all types of commodities, sizes and weights.
Contact us today, and let us help you maximize your company's value with our unique brand of ocean cargo transport services.
Delivery Time Delivery based on destination Port and Country
Service Days Monday–Friday.
Delivery Area Available throughout all states.
Additional Information Full container 20", 40", High cube and such, advance booking required Call 1.888.477.7736
International Ocean Freight shipping is now much easier with NEX. Request Ocean freight shipping rate, book your request and ship your goods in just few steps. 


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