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Partner Details & FAQs

If you are not an existing customer and want to refer customers to us, then start earning extra cash now. All you’ll need to do is either place a link to us on your web site, or make sure the new customer mentions your Affiliate number if they sign up over the phone. It’s that easy.
What can I expect with ShipNEX? 
Innovative and reliable shipping solutions. NEX shipping network is changing-the-game for domestic and International shippers by offering the lowest and the most discounted shipping services. Outstanding Customer Support. We’ll answer your call promptly or you can request an automatic call back if it’s more convenient for you! Industry leading service offerings. We constantly add new services and online shipping features to stay ahead of industry standards and make it easy for customers.
Is there any fee to join?
There is no fee to participate.
How do I start?
From the link below and you will be taken to our partner sign-up page. Signing up is easy and quick. Sign Up Now
How much can I earn and when will I get paid?
A large amount of Cash!
You receive the Commission from Payments are made automatically on the twentieth (20th) day of each month when your account balance reaches $100 or more for the previous months' transactions.
What if I’m a ShipNEX customer?
We welcome Customers to participate as Affiliates and refer friends and family to NEX. Please note that your current NEX account will not count towards Total Referred Revenue.
Advertising that works for you.
We supply Affiliates with landing pages, dynamic banners and text links to improve revenue potential through consistent promotion of services. Choose from a variety of NEX banners and text links to compliment your site.
If you are a current Affiliate, please log into your Affiliate Account to access marketing collateral with your Tracking ID.
What about reports?
We compute our sales and commission reports in real-time. To find out how much commission you are making log into your account in our partner section.
Increase your value to customers.
NEX’s goal is simple, to help customers save time and money on all their shipping’s.Our Partner Programs are a great opportunity for Indivitials, web designers, programmers and other companies to enhance their value to customers by offering discounted shipping services while earning large commissions.
Where do I sign up? Can you answer a question for me before I join?
If you are ready, please sign-up now. If you have questions please contact us. Once you have signed up as an Affiliate you will be provided with a NEX Sales Number for your referrals to use. If they have questions regarding NEX Affiliate program, please contact us.