Paperless Billing, NEX PDF Invoicing

Oct 27, 2010 Wednesday
NEX PDF Invoice 
Now, Nex has paperless invoice option. You can reduce the environmental impact associated with paper bills and reduce some of the clutter on your desk with NEX PDF Invoice, an electronic version of your traditional NEX paper bill.
You'll get the same detailed information you receive on paper in a convenient PDF document that is easy to view, save, and download. If you need to print, save paper by printing only the pages you need.
You will be sent an e-mail when a new invoice is ready to view online, days earlier than you would see a paper bill. Every time you log in, you'll see your most recent invoice and up to one year of historical invoices.
To switch to NEX PDF Invoice, click Enroll PDF Invoice. You'll need to log in or register with MyNEX.