Annoucement on additional fees

Oct 10, 2016 Monday

Hello NEX Worldwide visitors! 

As ShipNEX Family, we appreciate you working or consider working with us. We would like to clear a few things that you may have questioned or are questioning in your mind.

We are a third party shipping company handling domestic and international shipments and as a third party, we work with major, well-known and reliable shipping companies to send your packages all over the world.

The additional charges some of our customers are discouraged about are fees that are assessed from major carriers. We would like to inform you about some of these charges.

*Additional handling charges

You get this charge when your shipment is not properly packaged in a cardboard box.

*Additional shipping charges

You get this charge when you are not accurate on the weight and the dimensions of your packages.

*Additional charge of residential delivery fee

You get this charge when you do not specify your shipment is going to a residential area. Please note that sometimes you might ship to a business, however the address might be in a residential area where this additional fee still applies. 

*Customs tax and duty charges

We would like you to know that we are only handling the transportation of your shipments and we are not responsible for any customs duties and/or taxes that may apply at the destination country, for your international shipments.

For more information on how to avoid additional charges, please visit our website:

The delay you might have on your shipments may be caused from multiple reasons that you might experience with any other shipping company. We encourage that you monitor your shipments and let us know. We will be happy to assist with any shipments that you are experiencing difficulties or delays.

We hope that you have great shipping experiences with us and enjoy shipping with the lowest rates we provide to our customers as ShipNEX Family.

Have a great holiday season!!